Playing VOB file on PS3, no subs?

Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by Sidan77, Sep 12, 2008.

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    I get no subtitles when ripping to VOB File (Passthrough) and then play the file och PS3. This is a great option for the PS3 since it is very quick and keeps the DB, DTS sound. In most cases the VOB file is small enough for the FAT32 file system.

    When copying the VOB files directly from the mounted DVD image, the subtitles are shown so this must be a very simple problem to fix?

  2. Spanky

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    Have you tried to turn them on with the PS3? If so what happens when you do?
  3. Sidan77

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    Yes I have tried to turn them on. I get a "no subs available" message.
  4. Spanky

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    Yeah I see what you mean. I made a VOB and get the same result and I checked to be sure the subtitles were included. I checked the back up disk of the movie and the subtitles worked on the PS3 but will not on the VOB passthrough of the same movie. I have the VOB on a thumb drive and tried it with VLC player on the PC and the subtitles work?
  5. enzeder

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    You will find that PS3 firmware does not have subtitle functionailty on vob / mpg files etc - presume it only works on ISO structures etc. You have to "burn" the subtitles into the image to see them so pass-through will not work - have to re-encode - and / or convert to h264 at the same time

    my great wish for the clonedvdmobile is I can get high quality h264 images with 5.1 sound and the choice to burn a selected subtitle in as few clicks as possible - ie idiot proof for me. To date I use cdvdmobile when there are no subtitles and a combination of vsrip, ripbot264 and tsmuxer when there are subtitles that are not burned in (which can get somehwat tedious)

    I tried the first beta but did not do 5.1 sound (I understand this is now fixed) and the picture quality was (as was stated in the release notes) not great.

    Have not tried the new beta although did get an error message yesterday when trying to do a generic mpeg2 passthrough
  6. Spanky

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    I'm using the new beta and trying various things but I believe you are correct. DivX on this version works very well but again the subtitles are hard coded and can't be turned off. I don't think they will work ( can be switched on and off ) on anything except DVD disks.
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    I have tried re-encoding to DivX and mpeg4 with the latest beta relase of CDM but:

    1. It takes 1,5 hours to convert a DVD to mpeg4. A bit shorter for DivX but still a long time.
    2. I only get 2.0 sound for both formats, even with the latest beta.
    3. VOB file (passthrough) takes only 7 minutes when copying from mounted DVD to USB disk! Untouched audio and video

    Is there any possible way that CDM will look into this? Maybe add an option like VOB file (passtrhough with hardcoded subs)? I like this program alot for the simplicity which is not found elsewhere, but there is currently a no buy for me until this is solved.
  8. Fernando

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    You cannot hardcode (burn-in) subtitles into video without decoding and reencoding video for obvious reasons.

    Passthrough is direct stream copying without touching audio or video. If you need hardcoded subtitles you have to reencode and that takes time.
  9. Sidan77

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    Ah yes, of course.

    What about adding an option to re-encode to a VOB file with hardcoded subs? I don't really know so much about this stuff so foregive me if my suggestions are a bit strange.

    I just wan't a simple way to convert a DVD image to a playable format on my P3 without loosing subs or 5.1, DTS audio. It would be excellent if it was fast too.

    So, enlighten me, is there any plans or work going on to add this functionality to CDM? Or is there any other software available that can do it?
  10. Sidan77

    Sidan77 Member

    Honestly, why is this so hard?

    It seems like the VOB format is the only one supporting 5.1 sound and DTS sound that is playable on the PS3 as far as I can tell, correct me if I'm wrong. Why is there no option of ripping the selected content of a dvd to a VOB file with hardcoded sub and audio track? Possibly also allowing filesplitting so the VOB file is not to large.

    This should be a breeze for anyone familiar with muxing, de-muxing, re-encoding or what ever you call these things.
  11. enzeder

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    Its a mix of container and codec that determines the sound parameters.

    The issue with the PS3 cdvdm definition at the moment is that it outputs to MP4 and as I understand it the MP4 container / codec (no matter what the playing device) does not support more than 2.0 sound (I made reference to the 2.0 sound in another thread and the reply was that this would be addressed in the next beta but it appears not to be). Any other format / container will on a PS3 - eg vob, mpg, ts, m2ts etc

    I vagually recall a reference elsewhere that they were working on mkv? that would do the trick because you could demux / mux the resulting mkv into a ts container with video and 5.1 sound - which is what I use now after using eac3to on my bluray disks

    As an aside I did a PS3, three pass with 100% quality with subtitles and was very pleased with the result (took a long time though) and the halved file size from the original mpeg2 file - but I will not use this solution until I can get the 5.1 sound - in the meantime will I stay with the vob passthrough solution and the alternative mentioned in my previous post for subtitles
  12. ErwinC

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    I agree, I would like to see subtitles in VOB files.
    I tried many things but none of the file types give me the same video and sound quality then VOB. Afterward I can convert then to DVR-MS because that keeps the full sound and video quality and I am able to use skip in Media center.
    Maybe thats a tip to add the DVR-MS file type (with subtitling) in CloneDVD Mobile?!
  13. ckob

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    1. Did you create a VOB with DTS playback on the PS3? I did this with the movie Speed but lost the original file and can't seem to do it again. I am thinking that an update in either CloneDVD Mobile, PS3 or TVersity has changed a setting that causing it not to work. Now the VOB file with DTS audio plays the video but no sound at all through the PS3. What versions of each are you using.

    2. I want to permanently encode the subtitle into the VOB file for playing on the PS3. If and when you know how to do this with CDM let me know.
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