Please help with District 9 subtitles

Discussion in 'High Definition Software' started by bleugt, Jan 15, 2010.

  1. bleugt

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    I've read quite a few threads about District 9 and its forced subtitles, but none of them relate to the problem I'm having. I have ripped it to my hard drive and used ClownBD with "Forced Subtitles" checked. This creates a temp folder with the extracted subtitles. 2 of these files have "Forced" in the file name which are supposed to have the alien subtitles. The problem is, when I open these 2 files with BDSup2Sub, they contain more than just the aliens subtitles. They have some human subtitles in them.

    Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong? Is there a different program that would work better for what I am trying to do?

    Any help is greatly appreciated!
  2. mike_r

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    If they're forced, then they're forced. Could it be when the Nigerian arms dealers are talking with one another?
  3. Suspect1

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    no, i'm having the same problem as well. unable to figure out exactly which .sup file contains only subs for the portions of the movie where the prawn are speaking and when those ppl with no or poor english are talking (like the part with the little kid talking about the alien weapons).

    personally, i used tsMuxeR to demux the .sup files from the orig BD stream (that being 00011.m2ts)...took every single english subtitle file out and ran each thru BDSup2Sub to see which one i needed. (each with a name like "00011.track_xxxx". xxxx being either 4608, 4609, 4610, 4611, 4619.)
    used this method for Kill Bill Vol. 1 and was able to find the correct .sup file (for only the japanese dialogue portions) in short order. not so much for this one...they each had more than what is needed and they each looked basically the same. this shit is killing me.

    i searched on google and found a file that contained only the prawn portion...which of course didn't come with the extra bonus of the poor english portions.

    anyone do a BR rip themselves and figure this out?!?!
  4. mike_r

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    There are a few threads here about the subject. The common descision is that it can't be done. However, if you Google 'district9 opensubtitles african alien' then you can find a text file where someone has watched the film and keyed in the subtitles. That might be your least effort solution.
  5. Suspect1

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    Perfect! that sub file works perfectly! came in a .srt format, used mkvmerge to mux it in! THX!!!

    I know hotlinking wouldn't be the thing to do, but if the mods will allow me to provide the link for those with this same problem...