Press release: SlySoft announces new update policy

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    Antigua, West Indies - December, 1st 2008

    SlySoft announces new update policy

    Since Slysoft's beginnings in 2003, all Slysoft product licenses have
    been sold with free product lifetime updates included. While standards,
    technologies and SlySoft's product range have changed significantly
    since 2003, only now has Slysoft's free lifetime update policy been
    reviewed with respect to converting to an annual subscription fee format
    for new license purchases.

    According to SlySoft CEO Giancarlo Bettini, this change is justified and
    will ensure first class products and future development:
    "Our portfolio already contains eight products, and there is another
    program in the pipeline. Each product is continuously being enhanced by
    first-class developers; each product gets 24/7 top-notch multilingual
    support. Our premises became a bit crowded in the last couple of years,
    and, to be honest, we may not have reached our limits yet. Something
    needs to be done in order to not only ensure Slysoft's continued
    commitment to excellence but to also promote future improvements:
    namely, growth and development. With respect to current financial
    challenges the current economy presents, modifying our update policy
    seems to be the only fair and reasonable step in lieu of a substantial
    price increase. Details are yet to be determined and will follow."

    In fairness, SlySoft announces this probable step well in advance of its
    implementation in order to provide all interested parties with the
    opportunity to purchase SlySoft products with guaranteed lifetime free
    updates. Those buyers who act quickly during this time can also save an
    additional 20% with the special ongoing Christmas promotion.



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