Purchase and License Keys Frequently Asked Questions (READ BEFORE YOU POST!)

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    Click the underlined text that corresponds with the question you're interested in.

    1. On how many different computers in my home may I install Slysoft programs on using a single license key?

    Click this.

    You may install Anydvd, for example, on all your computers using a single license key provided you are not actively running Anydvd on more than one computer at the exact same time. If Anydvdtray is a running process in Windows Task Manager, then Anydvd is running.

    If you have two computers running Anydvd at the exact same time with the exact same license key, you then run the risk of having your single user license key blacklisted.

    So, no; Slysoft is not going to care if you install Anydvd on your laptop and your desktop computers, provided you are not running Anydvd on your laptop and desktop computers simultaneously. If you do, then you should buy more license keys. Ask about the special coupon between sales for a 15% discount to add licenses.

    Think of this as a single user license key: that is, you can not physically be present at more than one computer at any given time.

    If your children are using Game Jackal, for example, at the same time you are (on different computers, obviously), then yes, you need to buy license keys for them as well.

    2. I've lost my license key. How can I recover it? Or I'm planning on transferring my programs to another computer. How do I get my license keys again? Or I've lost my original email containing my license keys. How do I get that email again?

    3. How do I register my Slysoft programs?

    4. I've formatted my hard drives, and I don't know what to do to get my Slysoft programs working again. What should I do?

    a. Click the underlined text in #2 (above).

    b. Click the underlined text in #3 (above).

    5. Where is my serial number? I can't find it.

    It just makes things a lot easier for Slysoft support staff if you let them know what your serial number is (and providing a serial number also speeds up response times).
    Especially since "timed" licenses must be kept current to qualify for support you may get challenged if your email address does not link to a license, trials excepted of course.

    6. I'm getting a message after updating Anydvd or another Slysoft program that states "your trial period has ended" or "Update request denied, please check your license and contact SlySoft support!". Is my license key blacklisted?

    7. I'm using Windows 7 or Vista, and I'm having problems getting my license key registered. What should I do?

    a) It's typically best if you are installing under an administration account.

    b) Please ensure your license key is unblocked. Click this.

    c) Try disabling User Account Control if all else fails.

    d) Right click on the setup file, select "run as administrator"

    i) Also, visit Vista (W7?) and saving your nerves

    ii) If you're using Windows 7 x64, then make sure you click this, especially if you're getting "failed to register" messages.

    8. I bought Clonecd when I meant to buy Clonedvd (or vice versa). What should I do?

    Contact Slysoft for assistance.

    9. I ordered Anydvd a long time ago using the Element5 checkout system, and now I find that it is impossible for me to upgrade to Anydvd HD. What should I do?

    10. I own Anydvd, but now I want to try Anydvd HD's free trial. What do I do?

    Once you register AnyDVD and/or end a trial status you can not run another trial. You can either test on another PC or think for a moment about what AnyDVD's mission is.
    Keep in mind that removing protections and delivering the content from a BluRay disc is NO DIFFERENT than that from a DVD. If you know how DVDs work you know how BluRays WILL work.

    11. I tried Anydvd awhile ago for 21 days, but now I want to test the free trial for Anydvd HD as well.

    You're basically out of luck, sorry. Since you've used Anydvd in the past and since Anydvd HD includes the features of Anydvd, you can't suddenly have 42 days of free dvd decryption.

    AnyDVD and AnyDVD HD are the exact same download, so if you've used AnyDVD before, then the trial ticks down for both products from the moment you started the trial for Anydvd.

    12. Are AnyDVD and AnyDVD HD the same product? They seem to be the same download.

    Both AnyDVD and AnyDVD HD are the same download but not the same product. The difference is the license key for AnyDVD HD unlocks all the features of the program.

    13. My trial version has expired before the 21 days trial period. Why?

    14. I bought my license key off of Ebay or from an OEM reseller. Now my license key isn't working. Why?

    The people selling the keys on auction sites are scammers. Your software won't be registered; your programs won't work (for very long, if at all). Slysoft won't reimburse you.

    If you want to buy Slysoft products, visit http://www.slysoft.com/purchase.html. This is the only valid method.

    15. I see all these various purchase options: 1 year, 2 year, 3 years, etc. Which do you recommend I choose?

    Honestly (and this is Webslinger writing this . . . keep in mind that I do not work for Slysoft), I would choose the lifetime option. You never have to renew or worry about subscription fees.

    If you can't afford the lifetime option right now, then consider the 1 year or 2 year option. You can always upgrade to a lifetime license at a later point.

    16.What are the prices for renewal subscriptions, and what is the pricing to upgrade to a lifetime license?

    Click http://www.slysoft.com/img/pricelist.pdf (you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the price list)

    17. When does Slysoft issue coupons or discounts?

    Typically Slysoft issues promotions around major holidays or around other events. Keep checking back at Slysoft's website periodically for the next discount offered.

    Keep in mind that discounts are not applicable towards upgrades or renewals unless otherwise stated. If a sale applies to upgrades and renewals you'll see that deduction when your setup the purchase.

    18. What currency are Slysoft products sold in?


    19. How do I convert Euros to my own currency?

    Click http://www.xe.com/

    20. So, what happens on my credit card when I buy programs in Euros if I'm in the U.S.A, Canada, or outside of Europe?

    You will be charged in Euros, and your credit card company will do the conversion for you, automatically. Your credit card company may charge a small fee (typically between 1-3.5%) for the conversion, which is added automatically. That's probably not much more than if you went to a bank and asked to exchange your money to Euros (the banks always charge a small conversion fee).

    21. I don't have a credit card. What should I do?

    If a friend or family member cannot proxy a gift purchase for (your data for license holder, theirs for the payment page. Then you pay your friend with whatever vehicle suits you, like PayPal. Otherwise the choices you see for your country are the only things available. PaySafe is available in most European countries and the United States: http://www.paysafecard.com and http://forum.slysoft.com/showthread.php?t=45647
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