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    I play quite some BRD BDMV folders with PowerDVD 11 in combination with ReClock

    I noticed that I get no sound with some BDMV movies when I play them with ReClock. When I turn off ReClock and I play just with PowerDVD 11 I have sound again!

    Can somebody pelase help me? Is this a bug or a setting?

    I tried also tried PowerDVD's PCM decoding and non-decoding to external device. Both settings give me the above scenario.
    Below you can see the screenshot from ReClock at the time the movie is playing.


    Uploaded with
  2. vze2mp9g

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    Is there a way to convert PAL <> NTSC with ReClock?
  3. CraziFuzzy

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    No, ReClock is an Audio Renderer, and as such, does nothing to the video stream itself.
  4. andy o

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    Of course it does stuff to the video! It's just technically an audio renderer. Anyway, PAL/NTSC are analog standards. Once you get your video into digital you can do whatever you want with them, provided you have the tools. ReClock, for instance, can reverse PAL speedup on PAL film DVDs and blu-rays so they play at 24p.
  5. CraziFuzzy

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    My point was that ReClock does not manipulate the video stream in any way. ALL ReClock does in regards to video, is adjust the speed at which the video plays back. That is all. If you are wanting to convert PAL video (720×576x50i) into NTSC (720x480x60i), ReClock cannot do that.
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    I had the same problem. Initially I had sound, then it disappeared. Oddly enough, PDVD without reclock would still make sound, but nothing else would (VLC or PDVD with reclock). Interestingly, windows 7 Sound panel was showing output from the correct card, but my receiver was ignoring it.

    My fix was to change my SPDIF output from my audio card to my mother board output. All the sound came back, and so far (1 day) I am stable.

    Hope this helps....
  7. dmast

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    Reclock Properties

    Quick question for anyone out there. I am using Power DVD 11 with Reclock. In the Reclock properties page, is shows that PDVD is outputting 1080i24. I thought that all Blu Rays were encoded at 1080p24. Hopefully this is correct and PDVD11 can and is actually outputting p24 instead of i24?
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  8. James

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    PDVD is reponsible for this cosmetic incorrectness. Don't worry, you see 1080p24 (as you probably have noticed :) )
  9. dmast

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    Thanks James. That it what I thought. Great software by the way!
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    Hi man I'm using Reclock Audio render in order to abtain WASAPI exclusive output and it works like charm with my USB DAC! :clap:
    The only issue is that if I try to switch from one audio track to another (same for subs) MPC-HC cannot play the file anymore. If i switch back from reclock audio render to system default the issue disappears and I'm able to switch audio and subs.

    Ps. Is possible to add a Downmix option to Reclock Render? It would be perfect for Total Media Theater wich is unable to do this when setted to use the M2Tech Young USB DAC (this dac only accept 2ch tracks)

    Thx for your help
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  11. Jong

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    James, I know you have said you've finished with Reclock. I fully expect and understand a one word response to this request.


    I am starting to have problems with different players needing different vsync targets. It's probably luck that most have been happy in the same place, but some are more sensitive than others and some now use Aero, which makes a big difference to timing. It would be very useful if we could specify the vsync target per player!! :bowdown:

    I have though of a way that this would be very easy to implement. It would only be for us diehards, but it would be useful!

    All we would need is a registry key "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ReClock\Vsync". Then, the cognoscenti could manually create a new DWORD entry for any player that needed its own vsync target. All Reclock would need to do is look in the above key for an entry at startup and use the specified value for the player, if present. e.g. wmplayer REG_DWORD 0x00000032 would set the vsync target for wmplayer in the middle. The name for a value would need to match exactly that in the "Applications" key. If there is no entry for a player (as by default) then the "VsyncTarget" value is used.

    As a nice addition it would be great if we could disable vsync for a player by specifying a value out of normal range eg. 0x00000099.

    No need for any changes to the UI, just a check for a specific target in the above key at startup.

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  12. italospain

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    ReClock doesnt work with Intel IGED Drivers

    I am forced to use the Intel IGED Drivers to add a custom Interlaced Resolution for my TV.
    ReClock works with Intel GMA Drivers but refuses to work with the IGED Drivers.

    One thing i noticed that my custom Resolution is reported as 25 Hz Interlaced but under the GMA Drivers interlaced resolutions are reported as 50 Hz Interlaced.

    Is this a bug in ReClock ?
    Is there hope you can fix it ? (I cant live without ReClock :D)

  13. James

    James SlySoft Development Team Staff Member

    I don't have a single machine with Intel graphics, so no, I can't fix it.
  14. James

    James SlySoft Development Team Staff Member

    I believe you need different vsync targets because the players / renderers / reclock fight differently against each other.
    Why do you want to use vsync correction at all? You really shouldn't (except for overlay, where it works great).
  15. Jong

    Jong Well-Known Member

    Hi James, thanks for replying.

    No, please believe me; You know how long I have been around here. There are broken vsync implementations all over the place. There are numerous people on this forum that have been helped by Reclock vsync, even with the latest commercial players. This here is just the latest:

    With the non-commercial players several codes have tried to fix EVR's broken vsync - A chap called Arto Jarvinen, who I have had extensive discussions with, as had a go at a custom renderer for mpc-hc, as well as writing his own player - mpc-hc actually has two custom renderers that try to fix vsync. Both get very close but are not perfect. MediaPortal has also written it's own custom EVR renderer to try to fix the same problem.

    It is not that EVR does not try to fix it, it is just that it does not do it reliably, at least for a lot of people. A small percentage of the time it will start or drift into a judder state and, with Reclock's improved clock especially, this state can go on forever!! You are right, though, that normally Reclock would "fight" against standard EVR. Fortunately, new renderers, like Arto's "EVR Sync" allow you to turn off all vsync correction so Reclock can take over, at least in fullscreen exclusive mode, or when Aero is used, both of which effectively introduce triple buffering, which allow Reclock to successfully move its vsync target, without fighting. The custom EVR renderers used for protected mode playback in PDVD and TMT have the same effect. Aero though introduces a significant latency that can really alter the ideal target point.

    And I really really promise I know the difference between players and Reclock fighting to control vsync and when Reclock can and is controlling it. You can see in the link to this forum above that we saw that problem when crisliv tried MadVR and straight away got problems because of its, working, vsync code fighting Reclock.

    Anyway, I don't want to waste your time reading a huge novel. :) All I can say is that some enthusiasts out there really really still appreciate Reclock and its vsync correction. The little change I have asked for would sure help me.

    I have seriously tried fixing this myself. I wrote a Reclock notification script that changed "VsyncTarget". Trouble is I discovered that Reclock has already loaded this value from the registry by the time the script is run and the new value is not effective until the next time Reclock starts. :(

    I know you are busy and I do understand why Reclock is "done". However. all that would be needed is for Reclock to look in the registry for a manually created custom vsync target when it loads and instead load that instead of the value from "VsyncTarget". Easy, for me to say I know, but it is probably less than 10 lines of code, I wish I could do it myself. :eek: I would be very, very grateful, but understand if not!
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  16. James

    James SlySoft Development Team Staff Member

    Interesting. I wasn't aware. I'll look into it, and if I do, I'll make a more generic approach (all settings loaded with a player profile, hi leeperry).
  17. leeperry

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    yay! if you could also please please please allow slower than "refresh rate/20" speed rendering for the CRT users that run high refresh rates and would like 1fps, and allow the use of the internal attenuator via DS, this would be beyond words :bowdown:

    I can find you more sources claiming that 100% DS on XP is very much bit-perfect:
    Even this tutorial from Cambridge Audio confirms it: Audiophiles_guide_to_bit_perfect_USB_Audio_October_2011.pdf

    I plan on moving to W7 in order to benefit from HPET(Fidelizer and jplay together are said to sound amazing) soon or later but my XP box works like a charm, so I'd like to get a bit more life out of it if any possible :eek:
  18. Jong

    Jong Well-Known Member

    Thanks James. :) and......... Ah yes, leeperry. It makes me all nostalgic for those good ol' days. What times we had. :agree:
  19. italospain

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    I was able to get it to work with a open gl wrapper

    but it only works with the internal Display

    are you shure ReClock interprets 25 Hz interlaced same as 50 Hz interlaced ?

    in my experirnce ReClock works if 50 Hz interlaced resolution is reported by windows but doesnt if windows reports 25 Hz interlaced.
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  20. GrandeBoma

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    Sorry just a curiosity, perhaps someone can help. I was wondering if powerdvd 11 and tmt5 allow reclock to do wasapi mode without downsampling of hd audio to 48/16 like it does with pdvd 10 (on non-PAP soundcard). Just curious to know in case I wanted to change player