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    Interesting situation here. Using potplayer/ffdshow/avisynth/mvtools2 combo to interpolate videos to 60fps. Also bitstream audio to external receiver. With combo I mentioned (also with MPC-HC as a player) bitstream audio stutter if framerate detection is set to Automatic in ReClock Properties during playback. If I manualy force it to 60fps bitstream audio starts to work correct and video becomes smooth without framedrops. So, I would beg for a possibility to remember selected/forced framerate if possible in some future version. I would be grateful.

    Edit: a solution would be to add 60fps under Assumed framerate when not found.
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    Can someone tell my why the default VB script to change the refresh rate will flip flop from 24hz to 60hz and back?

    I have tried both the provided script (using anydvd's refresh rate changer) as well as a slightly different one using Display Changer. I am not that proficient in VB script, but my guess is somehow the If eventName = "QUIT" isn't working correctly. I'm seeing also the same behavior when using the eventname "STOP" instead. I'm very motivated to get this working. I have spent all day on it. But, it looks lie this forum just isnt that active. It also doesnt help that the log file doesnt work when I enable it.

    I need help to find a clever way to execute a 60hz display refresh change once the VB script has finished. I can't depend on the eventName="QUIT" or eventname="STOP". All I need to do is execute a single executable once the script has finished.

    Currently, my script can change to the correct display refresh rate; and, even smart enough not to do it when it doesnt need it. However, it can't put the refresh rate back to 60hz. I have a 60hz.exe file that will do that if I can only figure out how to execute it after the script is completely done.

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    Can't guarantee we can solve this. As the guys over at AVS said, some players like switching refresh rates in the middle of playback and some don't, but let's start by looking at your log. It is not in your root, it is in your My Documents folder.
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    Minor annoyance

    I'm using Reclock mainly as a direct path to the audio driver in Windows 7. The driver creates three playback devices, "Speakers", "Headphones" and "Line Out". When using "WASAPI Exclusive" with the latter two, everything's fine. But when using WASAPI with the "Speakers" device, audio starts fine but crackles badly after a short while.

    This is a minor annoyance for me, as all devices end up playing sound through my speakers. I'm reporting it just in case it's a serious problem for someone else. My debug log (for all three devices) is at
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    My Hardware (for reference):
    i3 2100
    Asus Gene-Z mATX
    4GB XMS3 RAM
    1GB EVGA GTX 460 SC
    Seasonic M12 II 520W PSU
    Lian Li PC-C50B case

    I am using XBMC with TMT5 as external player for dvds and blu-ray.
    I used the settings you suggested in the OP, however I have a problem.

    The normal resolution is 1080p @60Hz.

    I am using ReClock with Display Changer so that when TMT5 starts it reads the input and changes the resolution and refresh rate according to what the input source is.
    For example for a blu-ray it sets the NVIDIA GTX460 to 1080p @23HZ (23.976p). The refresh rate is changed fine, however the video in TMT5 stutters heavily. It is like it is in slow motion, but audio seems fine.
    The playback is fixed if I Alt+Tab to Task Manager or Nvidia Settings window and Alt+Tab back to TMT5.

    Any idea what is causing this?

    PS: I do not have an AVR and speakers yet, so sound is coming from the TV speakers.
    Also, in ReClock I left everything as default except for the things in the OP.

  6. theshadowrunner

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    Hi James, if you ever touch ReClock again, could you update the "video stream format" detection?
    Currently ReClock reports "unknown format" for P010 / P016 (and the vsync tools are disabled.. ^^;).
    MEDIASUBTYPE for P010 : {30313050-0000-0010-8000-00AA00389B71}
    MEDIASUBTYPE for P016 : {36313050-0000-0010-8000-00AA00389B71}

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  7. James

    James SlySoft Development Team Staff Member

    Disabled? Can't you force it on checking all three boxes in ReClock config?
  8. theshadowrunner

    theshadowrunner Well-Known Member

    That's right, disabled. The boxes are grayed out: "No vsync tools available for this media" when P010 is used.
    When I set YV12 instead of P010 and everything else unchanged, the Vsync tools are available as usual.
    Using madVR as video renderer.
    But it's not surprising (?), does ReClock know how to "draw" over P010 in the first place?
    See you,

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  9. James

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    Sure not. But it doesn't know how to "draw" over DXVA, too.
  10. mkanet

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    I'm sure there's probably a good explanation for this; but, why isn't there a way to specify for media files "Assumed frame rate when not found"=59.940fps? I would like Reclock to use 59.940fps NTSC(2x) when it receives an unknown fps from the video decoder.
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    i just changed my HTPC system from Win XP + PwDVD9 + reclock to Win Seven + TMT5 + reclock.
    On my previous system, i used a VBS script file to manage the refresh rate of the video board to fit exactly the frame rate of the media. This worked correctly with Xp and PWDVD9.
    But with seven and TMT5 it doesn't work the same. Without VBS files it's the frame rate of the media witch is changed to the refresh rate of the video board; for exemple à 23,976 fps during a BD playback is accelerated to 25 fps witch is the refresh rate of the board...
    When i try to use the same VBS file as before it only open the file for editing (twice) when i start TMT5...
    What am i doing wrong...

    In fact, what i would like is :
    - Adjust the refresh rate of the board to adapt to the frame rate of the media ; for BD or video.
    - For PAL DVD playback, fix the refresh rate at 23,976 and decrease the frame rate of the media from 25 to 23,976 Hz.

    Is that possible ? Thank for your help.

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    Reclock and Dolby True HD or DTS HD Master Audio realtime encoding

    I've a problem with all windows programs that likes always to do "click" and "piiiiiip" when I'm playing an audio/video file :bang:

    I've tried to use Kernel Streaming for some time it seemed to work, but now windows bypass it, to do its click :eek:

    So I've to always encode all in AC3 after Reclock do its things in this way Windows sees a bitstream audio and don't mess with it.

    Now I want to buy an HD compatible receiver and this will not be tolerable anymore, but Kernel Streaming seems to not work with my system (Intel HD GPU + Realtek SPU and SPDIF output, I've to see if it's different using HDMI :confused:) the idea is to add Dolby True HD and/or DTS HD MA encoding to the already present AC3 enconding so if one has not Kernel Streaming or if it doesn't work, as in my case, he/she can have bit-perfect audio the same.

    The questions now:

    1. It's feasible?
    2. In our opinion It uses too much CPU?
    3. Is it guaranteed (as I think) Windows cannot mess with it?

    Let me know what you think,

  13. andy o

    andy o Well-Known Member

    Nobody has done it, and it's pointless anyway. Neither can be bitstreamed through SPDIF, and if you get HDMI, you can just use LPCM anyway.
  14. jmonier

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    I have a DVD with a 3.0 audio track ("Midnight in Paris" - Woody Allen seems to like 3.0; I've never seen it anywhere else). It plays correctly via Direct Sound, but via WASAPI Exclusive the Center channel comes from the Left Surround while the Front Left and Right channels are correct. It is the same whether or not I have "Set matching speaker configuration" checked.

    This with the ATI HDMI driver and possibly the problem is there, but I would think that it is the program that is driving it (Reclock) that would set up the configuration.
  15. theshadowrunner

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    James, I'm having a hard time figuring something out, maybe you can shed some light ^^
    I split .MKVs with Haali Splitter, still.

    For most .MKV files, the Directshow estimator works fine.
    But with certain others, it's totally unable to provide media infos (so ReClock's built-in estimator kicks in).
    Why is that?

    I have selected 2 samples that exhibit the difference:
    With this sample: Sample1rec.mkv, Directshow detection works OK.
    With this one: Sample2dec.mkv, Directshow is completely useless. o_O
    If you disable ReClock's built-in estimator and try these 2 files, you'll see ReClock "unable to find video stream" for the Sample2dec.mkv.
    (I muxed the samples with the same build of mkvmerge, to make sure mkvmerge isn't responsible for the difference.)

    Would you have any clue as to what makes the directshow estimator ineffective?
    Thanks for the info.
    See you,

  16. andy o

    andy o Well-Known Member

    I didn't know there was such a thing as legacy Dolby Digital 3.0.

    Anyway, AFAIK (nevcairiel told me) PCM via HDMI doesn't pass on channel information to the receiver, only number of channels. So, a 3-channel PCM stream would be read by the receiver as something like left-right-surround and not necessarily left-right-center. Does bitstreaming work?

    See if using LAV filters fixes this, there is an option to convert odd-channel-number configurations to more common ones (so LAV audio would pass 5.1 audio to ReClock).
  17. jmonier

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    It's actually a Blu-ray and the source is Dolby TrueHD 3.0. I normally convert to FLAC, but both FLAC and TrueHD (as decoded by LAV) give the same results.

    That might be it since I believe that the Windows Mixer expands everything to 5.1 or 7.1 and that would explain why it's ok when I don't use WASAPI. Unfortunately, the Windows Mixer puts the 5.1 Surround channels to the Rear Surrounds in a 7.1 setup so I don't want to use that. (And I'd also prefer to bypass the Windows Mixer on general principles.)

    I thought I had tried that and it didn't work for this case, but I'll revisit it and check it more carefully. I suppose it's also possible that the ReClock "Set matching speaker configuration" affects it some way, either positively or negatively.
  18. andy o

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    AFAIK "Set matching speaker..." doesn't do anything anymore for ATI/AMD or Nvidia HDMI devices. In any case, I've played that blu-ray recently with my 5770, LAV filters with dtsdecoderdll, and ReClock in WASAPI exclusive mode, without problems. IIRC my receiver was getting 5.1, but I know some Woody Allen movies are DTS-HD 3.0.

    As an aside, Allen was known for a long time to put out all his movies in mono, until fairly recently, where he uses some pseudo-stereo (only music in stereo, dialogue still mono). I presume that they mix these with the voices in the center channel and the music in the L and R (and probably a bit in the center?).
  19. jmonier

    jmonier Active Member

    You are probably right about the "Set matching speaker..". I know I needed it at one time, but I do seem to remember it not seeming to do anything recently (although I didn't remember that when troubleshooting this problem).

    I never had really paid enough attention to what the option in LAV Audio does, so I was thinking that it was redundant to the "Set matching Speaker.." in Reclock and might even cause problems, so I had it turned off. I thought I had tried turning it on to fix this problem but I obviously had screwed up, since it fixed things perfectly when I tried it just now.

    "Midnight in Paris" is DTS-HD 3.0 (not TrueHD as I said before). It does seem to have the dialogue only on the center channel with the music on the LR channels so that agrees with what you said. It does show up as 5.1 on my Denon with the LAV option on and I think that's to be expected. The LAV Status shows 5.1 but with dashes in the SR, SL and SW positions.

    IIRC, "Vicky, Christina, Barcelona" is LPCM 3.0 but probably treats the LCR channels the same way.

    I have "Annie Hall" and "Manhattan" and they both show as DD 2.0 but that probably just means that the mono track is on both channels.

    So I learned a few things today which is always good. Thanks for your help.
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    BTW, has Reclock been tested on W8? I'm kinda hot about finally making the big jump, it'll hopefully have UAC2 native support too :)

    Apparently, mVR goofs up for some ppl FWIR :eek:
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