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    Set matching speaker configuration been working great with my nvidia 550. But for 6.1 tracks (7 channels visible as input to ReClock) I get 2.1 out of ReClock.
    Is this a bug in ReClock or in the nvidia drivers?

    I have seen this mentioned before:

    But that guy got 5.1 output. I get 2.1.
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    It doesn't seem like your problem is related to mine. However, Look at the responses for some tips, especially with regard to LAV Video filter.
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    ReClock doesn't load with PowerDVD 12.
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    Not really surprising.
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    Where can I find latest(i.e ReClock sources?
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    I have a problem using
    When playing self-created BD-ISOs (made with Clown BD) out of PAL-HD-50Hz-sources with 24p the movies judders using PDVD9. I am told, that ReClock wasn't able to find an integer speed, so I have to choose 2x24 manually and everything works fine.
    Using TMT5 this problem doesn't occur at all: ReClock needs a few seconds and everything is o.k. The window says, that it has changed the refresh-rate near 48 Hz, which works perfect.

    Why doesn't this work with PDVD9?

    Has anybody any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance.