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  1. Hi,

    I would like to know some info for the region - Blu-ray in anydvd HD.

    Say a case of I am inserting the blu-ray in the drive and it doesnt recognize which region should it correspond and ask us for the solution i.e automatic , always ask for the region code of inserted disc,Region A, Region B & Region C etc.

    What if I had given the wrong region code? will it or will it not ask for region code when inserting the same disc again.

    Need help.


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    the safest option in that case would be to answer the region that is on the box (or in case there is no region info on the box, or the box sais abc then in that case answer the region that matches the one you're in).
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    When AnyDVD does not know the region and you specify one, the disc will "think" that it is always inserted in a player with the region you specified, regardless of what region the player is actually set to.

    That would make it bad to specify the wrong region. If the disc is locked to Region A, and you specify Region B, that disc will always think it is in a region B player, even it the player is region A. You will therefore always get a message when you try to play the disc on anything that it won't play because of the player's region being wrong.
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    I'm still a little confused, as I've just come across this particular problem tonight.

    I live in Australia, Region B ... I think when I installed my Plextor USB blu-ray player in the computer I had to specify that region at some stage (I checked in the device manager properties of the drive, but the tab only lists CD regions).

    Anyway, friends have just come back from the US (Region A) and want a 6 Disc ESPN sports pack converted to .mkv, as they can not play the discs on their home blu-ray player.

    I thought ANYDVD should be able to help me at least rip or convert these blu-ray discs to Region B ISO's? I normally then use DVDFab to make the mkv files from the ISO's. Is this possible?

    At the moment, if I select the "Remove Blu-Ray Region Code" box in dvdfab settings, it doesn't matter which radio button I then choose, but as soon as I start the "COPY DISC" in the anydvd ripper, I get a drive unavailable message.
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    A whole lot of confusion in this post, I'll try to clarify...

    Your Plextor is a drive, not a player. A drive only reads data.

    You mean DVD regions. And yes - that's right, Blu-ray regions are not handled by the drive, only by the player.
    So there is no need (or even a way) to set any region for your drive.

    If you want to create an MKV, you don't have to remove the region code at all.
    Since at no point there is a Blu-ray player involved (which is the only thing that cares about region coding), regions don't ever come into play.

    That, then, is whatever kind of bug or problem with DVDFab and doesn't belong here.
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    But isn't region coding tied into AACS as well? Don't you need to remove the region coding just in case?

    I think he was referring to the competition earlier, but re-read the paragraph you quoted:

    I think here he was referring to AnyDVD HD when he named the competition. :doh: Nonetheless, I think the problem was he kept choosing Region B (player), not Region A (disc). Assuming he had already chosen Region B on the first pop-up, the correct action was to select "Always ask", then insert the original disc, select Region A, and rip to ISO. After that, it's the competition's problem. :p
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    No, zero, not at all, totally unrelated.