Rip to Harddisk Produces Errors not ISO

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    I agree, but, the developer did ask for you to try it without making the ISO. You should be able to use ISOBuster on the original with AnyDVD running. Does that work OK (as we expect it will)? (You do realize that your computer "sees" the original disc as unencrypted when you have AnyDVD running (the little red fox icon is present on your taskbar), right?)
  2. KWSchneider

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    Found another one - "The Sitter"...

    Did as the developer suggested [and you clarified] and opened IsoBuster while running AnyDVd in the background. Extracted the BMDV and Certificate folders and demuxed using EAC3to.

    Worked flawlessly. So this tells me that the shortcut "Rip to Hard Disk" fails for these four videos I've identified. Or it does something that conflicts with something I'm running. Whatever that might be, it occurs consistently since I've tested these videos at different times and under different circumstances.

    I'll retest "Once Upon a Time in the West" again, since I haven't revisited it in a month.

    I can say that that these four movies are all heavily "segmented", broken into small pieces so that a "directors cut" or alternative version can be provided by replacing four or five small chunks with the same number of larger chunks. Each mpls is typically made up of 10-12 m2ts files.

    They also required a 2nd pass for demuxing to deal with audio overlaps.

    I can provide demuxing log files for comparison...

    Anyway - I will no longer use the shortcut "Rip to Hard Drive" but extract directly from Isobuster while the disk is in the drive. I had not thought about this as an option and it appears to be an effective work-around with the same number of steps.

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    I think James wanted you to use eac3to and TSmuxer directly on the original disc with AnyDVD HD running in the background. You might also want to say what region these discs are from, as I have Once upon a time in the West and have had no issues with ripping to folder then playing back the folder or re-encoding it in BD rebuilder which uses eac3to and tsmuxer
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  4. James

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    Yup, that's what I wanted. Why everybody is "ripping" back and forth is quite puzzling. ;)
  5. James

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    Why using ISOBuster? Just use whatever you want to process the disc ... with the disc.
  6. James

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    ... and if you want the files somewhere else, you can use ... the filesystem. Like the "copy" command. Or whatever file copy tool you like.
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    Fair enough - what is the purpose of "Rip Video DVD to Harddisk" then?

    Apparently, it should be eliminated, since people like me use it...

  8. KWSchneider

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    With my method, I can't - since the demuxing operation [-demux] requires that I write to the same drive as I'm reading. Consequently, I need to "move" the BDMV directory to a writable location so that I can do a full "directory demux" using eac3to.

    If I want to demux individual files then I could redirect the output to another drive, but then I have to manually assign file names and more importantly, file extensions...

    My disks are Region 1 [NA] and, as I said, the only issue is the "Rip Video DVD to Hard Disk" option. Unless you are using this method for comparison, then there is no point, as you should not have any issues.

    Try this option on your disk and see if the resulting video is demuxable. In the case of "Once Upon a Time" , many of the video files were scrambled or highly pixellated.

    Because there are so many other ways to create a "local" BDMV directory, I ask why the "Rip Video DVD to Hard Disk" option exists.

  9. Adbear

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    You obviously didn't read my post, I am using the 'rip to hardrive' option, I always do except for 3D movies, If my rip had the same problems then BD rebuilder would have the same issues a it uses eac3to and tsmuxer and I would also have problems just playing back the files which I don't. If they were pixellated or scrambled it would show up no matter what I did with the files afterwards. My disc is also the US (NA) disc.
    You could also try it using TSmuxer as that doesn't require you to demux the files back to the same location, and as a test you could also try it on 1 or 2 files on the original disc using eac3to that have always given you problems.

    As to why the 'rip to harddisk' option exists, it makes things so much easier to do, and I've done over 800 movies so far with no issues using it, saves having to open a 3rd party program or going into Windows explorer and manually copying the files over and if I'm ripping more than 1 disc, once the window is open I can just change the disc when the first one is finished then hit 'copy' again after it's scanned the second disc.

    It would probably be helpful if someone else who has the same discs could try ripping to folders using AnyDVD's ripper and see if the files are corrupt for them
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  10. KWSchneider

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    Sorry - I noticed that you did say you used the "rip to file" option. And I agree that it is a more streamlined solution. But simply copying the files from the disk is also fast [albeit you have to create your own directory, etc].

    I can post eac3to log files [tsmuxer basically complains and then produces crap...] for "The Sitter" and "Once Upon a Time in the West" using "Rip Video DVD to Hard disk" and for when I use an alternative method.

    The only thing that I have that might be a variable is that I run Kaspersky antivirus. And as I said, I've only had this problem with four videos out of 500 BUT it is reproducible.

  11. KWSchneider

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    A good friend of mine had the same problem with the "300" HDDVD.

  12. James

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    The "Rip to harddisk" option should work. If it produces errors, it has to be fixed. Now again to my question:
    Do you get any errors when using the filesystem, or processing *directly from the original disc without any copying at all*?
  13. Adbear

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    Well I've just tested with my copy of 300 HDDVD (US version) and no issues here, did have to dig it out from the back of the room and brush the inches of dust off the cover though :), won't be able to test anymore until I'm back at work as my HDDVD drive is on my older work laptop
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