Ripping True Blood S3 D1 error at 25%

Discussion in 'AnyDVD' started by evanlallen, Jul 14, 2011.

  1. evanlallen

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    I have been trying to rip True Blood Season 3 Disc 1 but it keeps giving me an error at 25%. I have attached the log file. Can someone please help?


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  2. Clams

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    1st problem....
    From Log:
    Drive (Hardware) Region: 0 (not set!)

    Exit AnyDVD - go into Device Manager and set your hardware drive region.
    Try again and submit a new log.

    Not saying this IS the error - but must be corrected to move forward.

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  3. evanlallen

    evanlallen New Member

    Ok. I set my drive region. Here is the updated Log file.

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  4. FurryGuy

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    You might want to update to beta, located at the top of the forum. It might help, it might not, but better to be as up to date as possible.

    What exactly is the error you are getting? Are you using AnyDVD to rip the DVD, or another program? If another program, what is it? The more information you give us makes it easier to assist you in resolving the problem. We are not behind you seeing what you are experiencing. You have to be our eyes and ears.
  5. evanlallen

    evanlallen New Member

    I am using AnyDVD to try to rip the DVD to Harddisk. Here is the error it is giving me.

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  6. Frank

    Frank SlySoft Support Team

    Likely a bad disc

    "File IO 3" means the drive doesn't respond anymore and there are permanent READ errors.

    Do not confuse this with playing the disc. That's not the same thing.

    It stops on a sector, without progressing. If there is no data coming from the drive to decrypt,AnyDVD cannot continue decrypting.

    This usually happens with a defective disc (scratch or a production error beneath the coated surface).

    The log is showing:

    26.38s: read sectors failed, sense 5:64:0
    37.16s: read sectors failed, sense 5:64:0
    49.91s: read sectors failed, sense 5:64:0

    49.91s: read error 2811052 to 2811053, max 3736265, io->read_error 0