Samuri's *UN*Official SlyPlayer(tm) Thread

Discussion in 'High Definition Software' started by SamuriHL, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. ddjmagic

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    Same could be said about Cinavia removal -
    "who needs Cinavia removal? I have XBMC, ...., I don't need it" :D

    I'd love a real player to compete with TMT/PowerDVD/WinDVD.
    The free players are great but for proper full complete BD playback they aren't even close.
  2. ouch......
  3. mer2329

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    i know this is a freeware probuct and there are some who want to use things that require licencing. so how about a changing to a freemium model
    most things are unlocked and working but certain things like dolby headphones will have a paddilock next to it and will only work is a key is installed
    the info pake would default to free edition
    if the product is licenced it would say premium edition (or licenced version) licenced to, licence number (similar to anyDVD)
    another way you could do this is licence each part or all at once and in the info window it would say dolby headphones active (or a seperate licence key) any others would be there to in a similar format
  4. Giblet

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    I just want to see something. I've been waiting a long time, love ANYDVD and clone dvd/2 - I've been holding out for the slysoft product because I am a fan.
    Hopefully my son will get to see it in his lifetime.
  5. dugg914

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    More likely your grandson. :(
  6. rotty dog

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    Yes this one is a shame.

    Not an easy task, I think we have been told that Slyplayer is not a current project or was to be a spin off from Slyce.

    If im wrong then I apologise but im sure I remember James saying.

    Out of Slyplayer or Slyce, I would have thought Slyplayer would have been the most useful project and a Commercial winner.

    BUT not an easy project to get right.
  7. tgp7777777

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    Very prophetic!
  8. liels

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  9. sondeterra

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    With the announcement of Clone BD release as imminent, what about Sly Player as I thought was required for Clone BD to work?
  10. Macadamianut

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    It really is a shame this project never went ahead.
    So sick of having everything setup for bluray playing, then out of the blue, comercial program deciding my setup is no longer HDCP compliant, (even though nothing has changed) causing only core bitstreaming.
    We need a bluray player that can play disks in all their glory not being tied to HDCP crap.

    TMT/PowerDVD/Windvd are just not good enough.
    The free players are only good for playing ripped content.
  11. DrinkLyeAndDie

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    Once upon a time and many times after it was stated that SlyPlayer wouldn't be released before Slyce/CloneBD. I have yet to see any public statement that SlyPlayer is a dead project.

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  12. ddjmagic

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    It was mentioned previously that Slyplayer might be based off of Slyce/CloneBD built in preview player. Seeing as CloneBD preview player doesn't really seem to offer anything more than simple stream playback (which can be done on many other free players) I'd say we are a long way off a proper BD player from Slysoft.