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    Current BD Rebuilder refuses to accept source input with error messages 'SourceCheck() 00006 2501' and 'Selected source is not BD format'. Reporting this problem in the doom9 forum, BD Rebuilder Beta - Bug Reports Only , starting thread p=1568336&postcount=14921, did not lead to a solution (see there ...p=1568336&postcount=14921, #14929 to #14931)

    In short, using the current and using the newest beta AnyDVD, PDVD11, etc. play the disk, ClownBD processes the disk (with warning end error message 'The AC3 encoder received a non-supported data format (float, 5, 64, -). <ERROR> Aborted at file position 1048576. <ERROR>' but producing Movie only output without the DTS sound track), multiAVCH in re-author mode processes the disk in full backup mode. Only BDRB, my preferred choice keeps reporting 'SourceCheck() 00006 2501' and 'Selected source is not BD format' and refusing to accept it as source input.

    In my dispair I downloaded a trial from DVDF.b, which warns that there is that new audio watermarking and advices to select removal of HD audio and then nicely processes the disk.

    Am I trapped by a special RB trick?

    I would like to get my preferred combination AnyDVD and BDRB working.

    So, because BDRB reports a 'read error', I strictly followed the procedure from "READ errors on Blu-rays?"
    ( ) and hope I will get some help here.

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    Sounds to me like there's an issue with the HD audio track, as AnyDVD HD doesn't touch the audio it's most likely a problem introduced when it was encoded. Not sure there's anything AnyDVD HD can do about a faulty audio track