Solution for Fat32 4 gig limitation

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by ataboy, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. ataboy

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    I have created MKV file of Ironman2 using AnyDVD HD and then compressed into MKV using Ripbot264.

    The MKV file is good but is 4.02 GB. My playback setup is putting the MKV on a USB HDD that is formatted in Fat32. This is plugged into my Blueray player.

    The problem is the 4 gig limitation of Fat32.

    I thought that this would be a common result (i.e output file larger than 4 gig) so was surprised to not find a thread on this anywhere.

    I have tried splitting into 2 files. The first plays OK but the second does not.

    Not sure what to try next. Any help appreciated.

  2. Spanky

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    This is not a SlySoft problem, you'll probably have better luck getting help if you post in the third party software subforum.
  3. xCharvelx416

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    This is a technical, or mathematical barrier regarding the technology being used.

    4 GB is the end of a FAT32 file system. All technologies have a beginning and an end, then you move on to the next.

    People have debated for so long about getting 32Bit XP to go past 4GBs of system memory, well it doesn't. That's the end of 32bit.

    The solution is simple, you will have to format your USB drive to NTFS.

    If you need to keep the drive as FAT32 to plug into an older system such as Windows 98, or heaven forbid, Windows ME,.. (lol) then I would suggest getting another external drive for that purpose.