Speedier Blu-Ray Ripping?

Discussion in 'High Definition Hardware' started by thebasa, Feb 3, 2009.

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    Just wondering if there's any way to speed up these 70+ min Blu-Ray rips using AnyDVD HD and it's ripper, or ImgBurn, with a Pioneer BDC-202. I've not found any hacked firmwares for this drive but shouldn't it be possible to read/rip faster than this, just like the hacked firmwares for DVD drives sped the rips up considerably?
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    If you have Daemon tools installed that will slow it down as it also installs the SPTD driver
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  3. thebasa

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    I've completely gotten rid of Daemon tools after Virtual Clone Drive started working with MyMovies so that's not it.

    I'm looking up the BDC-202 specs and they say the read on Blu-Ray disc Dual Layer is only 2x, single layer is 5x. Maybe it'll never get faster because 2x is the fastest it can read? I see a ton of newer drives on newegg that say they read up to 6x on BRD DL media, however, I've never seen anyone say they've ripped Blu-Ray faster than about 70 min. Is this possible?
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    I find it depends on the disc, but the standard firmware on an LG I can get between 10-15MB/s, on the Pioneer Reader I have around 10MB/s.
    I also find the Pioneer drive a lot less reliable, I find with some discs that they either won't rip or rip extremely slow(less than 1MB/s), stick the disc into the LG and it rips straight away at much faster speeds
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    I would recommend the Sony BWU-300S. It's the fastest BD-ROM DL ripper I have seen.


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  7. Blazkowicz

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    SPTD driver slows down AnyDVD, nero verify runs fine, therefore your statements are a bit wrong.
  8. Adbear

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    Not when I tested it a while back, using nero 7 or 8 and the pioneer drive with SPTD installed the ripping speed was definitely slower than without it installed. Haven't tried Nero 9 as I wouldn't waste any more money on something that does less than the previous version
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    That's a nice drive. I heard there were problems with the software for this drive under Vista 64. What OS are you running?
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    Well guaranteed SPTD is not my issue. I think my BDC-202 is just limited to 2x read on all these new 50GB BRD DL media. 26:52 is amazing. 8x drives must be where it's at. The next best thing is like around 45-55min with the 6x LG ones.

    On drive firmwares, I'm surprised to not see them around for BD-ROMs on rpc1 or tdb. Does Blu-Ray not have stuff like RipLock that would limit read even if it could read faster? I would've thought they would've done everything they could to prevent ripping? Maybe they think the file size is prevention enough?
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    I'm using Vista 64, but I never use the software that comes with blu-ray/DVD drives. It's either trial versions or older than I already have.
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    I may need to upgrade when I get back from vacation. If you don't mind me asking, what software are you using to burn discs and how is the quality of the burns with the Sony drive?
  13. skypx

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    I use Nero 9 for burning and I tried running a disc scan with nero discspeed 5, but it kept crashing, sorry.
  14. ocgw

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    35mb/s omg that is awesome

    That is the first screenshot I have seen in this forum faster than my 20.53mb/s screenshot, I have only read claims in the mid 20's, I am "blown away"


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    35MB/s - that would be nice to have!

    I only got my LG GGC-H20L up to 20MB/s after using MediaCodeSpeedEdit and changing the firmware to "increase read speed" (which is only supposed to be for regular DVD but magically increases BD rip speed also).

    Thanks to those forum members who pointed that out :bowdown:

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    So it seems buddy. Could you tell me what is the initial ripping speed with casino royal or any other BD DL, also what is the strategy the drive use to rip BD-SLs and BD-DLs?

    Cheers to you 8)
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  17. PatkIllA

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    I have the same drive as the thread starter (Pioneer BDC 202) and am stuck at 8.58 MB/sek.
    I am pretty sure I have seen about twice the speed a few years ago but now I am limited to 8.58. Tested literally dozens of disks.
    I have had STPD drivers installed but pretty sure removed them successful. ImgBurn does not show any filter driver beside AnyDVD.

    I even have made a test install of windows 7 Pro x64 with nothing more than the recommended Windows updates and latest AnyDVD but it is not getting any faster.

    Any Ideas?
  18. Ch3vr0n

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  19. PatkIllA

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    Already tried that.
    After rechecking the pioneer website the drive resorts to 2x CLV (9.00 MB/sec) on DualLayer disks.
    It will only reach the 5x Speed on single layer discs which are rare now but were more common in the early days.
  20. Ch3vr0n

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    when you say you tried, have you actually flashed the drive with the modified firmware? I also took a quick look arround the web, and from what i can tell that drive dates back to 2007 ifnot earlier. I'd just get a new one like LG's and flash it with custom firmware. My BH10 (that is also about 2-3yrs old now) can with the flashed firmware get speeds of upto 22-25MB/Sec
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