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    I´m using Any DVD HD to make Copies of my Blu Ray disc. When I like to play them from my HDD all movies has stutter problems after a while.
    When it starts the movie it runs fine. The stutter is not even at the same point and sometime the movie hangs complete.

    I´m using TMT5 on my HTPC with hardware acceleration. The VGA is set to 23,976 or 24 Hz, depense on the movie.

    Is there any problem that TMT 5 is not using the hardware acceleration by movies from HDD?

    It is a codec problem?

    When I play the movies from WMC with TMT 5 plug in the movies starts much earlier with stutter then with TMT 5 allone.

    I don´t use ISO Files just the copy from HDD.

    Also other player could not solve this problem, like Power DVD 12 Ultra or vlc player.

    My Hardware:

    Asus Sabertooth P 67

    Intel i 5 2500 k

    Corsair Dominator 4 GB RAM 1600

    Be Quiet Dark Power 550 W

    LG BH 08 LS 20 wit firmware update 2.0

    His iSilence4 6670 passiv, ( with CCC 11.9, best pictures quality )

    SSD OCZ Agility 60 GB with latest firmware


    Win 7 ultimate

    TMT 5

    No special codec packs installed yet

    CCC 11.9 set to 23,976 or 24 Hz


    Intel i 5 2500 k 35 - 40°, when playing movie

    His iSilence 4 6670 passiv ATI 40 - 50 °, when playing movie

    I hope somebody can help me
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    You have to please use the link, 'Info: How to Ask for Help - BEFORE you post' that is at the top of this Forum, in which I've included in my reply to you.

    No one can say what's your issue without you giving the mods and other people here more information.

    Please click on the link at the top of my message, and follow all the stuff in it.

    Good luck.
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    First thing to ask would be does it do the same thing from the original disc?

    Are you playing them as a disc structure or just as a file?