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    When trying to rip Blu-ray to disk I get the following error with versions,, and beta Occurs on two tested PC's.

    When trying to Rip Video DVD to Harddisk... at 21% on file 00001.m2ts I get:

    Error reading from drive E:!
    Sectors: 3999008-3999039

    Sectors may vary depending on version and pc, but always at 21% and try again always fails. Disc is pristine with no scratches and plays fine otherwise. Other BD and DVD's Rip without error.

    Tried suggestions in sticky, but same results. Please help.


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    Blu-rays don't contain structural protecton, so if you get read errors on a Blu-ray then you have a faulty/dirty disc or a failing drive. You need to read the sticky called 'Read errors on Blu-rays'