TSmuxer and subtitles

Discussion in 'High Definition Software' started by sanderh, Oct 11, 2009.

  1. sanderh

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    Question about TSMuxer:

    I have a BR rip on my HDD (BDMW and CERTIFICATE folder). Now I want to add a subtitle (.srt file) to this. I know that when I have a .m2ts file that I can add a .srt file but how do I load a BR folder in TSmuxer? Or is it not possible what I want?
  2. Adbear

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    you can't, it doesn't work with full folders
  3. curtis-r

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    On the subject of subtitles, I've been archiving BRs for some time w/ AnyDVD & txMuxer, and always remove the subtitles. Then later, I'll be watching a movie and there will be a part where a foreign language is spoke and subtitles should have occurred.

    When txMuxing, should I be including the PGS eng #0 or is some other PGS contain the occasional subtitle? Obviously, I don't want subtitles for the English-spoken parts of the movie.