Two simple questions: what is virtual sheep and installing new versions

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    I am new to VCD, I am wondering what is virtual sheep? And with new versions of VCD can one install them over the older version, or does the older version need to be uninstalled first?

    Thanks for any help...:)
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    Gives you a sheep icon for your virtual drives. I always just install over the old version.
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    1. From the Virtual CloneDrive manual:

    2. Yes, you can install an update right over an existing install. I would recommend unmounting images before doing so, however. It may not be required but I still do it nonetheless. I also exit AnyDVD, CloneDVD, or any other Slysoft program so that shared files aren't being used. As a result I don't have to reboot after updating.


    Okay Thanks - damnskippy!!

    Thankk You for the extra info - Another (maybe stupid) question - where can one find the VCD manual? Never mind - I found it in program list under start - Many Thanks for the fast help...