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    Update Java Is Now Hosted By Oracle

    Latest Java

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    mrr19121970 (author of the outstanding Clown BD ) has been expending unnecessary time lately helping folks with problems related to Java, not to Clown BD.

    Before asking for help if you are having trouble with his program. Why not first make sure your Java is up to date and that the older versions are cleaned out.

    1) Click here, Java, and download/install the latest version.

    2) Download and run Javara , a free, open-source tool to make sure the older version of Java has been cleaned out.

    This is good for your machine even if you are not doing it for Clown BD :)
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    Here is a standalone checker, the same function I've installed in Clown_BD:

    JAVA Version Check

    I've tested on Vista & XP x32 & x64. Should be 'future proof', assuming JavaxFamily is derived from CurrentVersion 1.x
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    And if Java does not get completely removed from the previous version, and you find you can not install the latest version.

    Try this:

    Manually remove the Java folder from program folders. Then you should be able to install the latest version without any problems.

    Also, I see Java has a download manager now, approximately 200kb (zipped download file) and show make it easier to remove/add future updates of Java.
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    I've not had this happen in terms of the previous version not being uninstalled. Long ago I remember that installing a new version left the old one behind and simply created a new directory with the new Java but more recent versions will uninstall the old version before installing the new version when you run the installer. I've had no issues with being able to install a newer version.

    The download manager for Java has been around for awhile and I find it to be nothing more than an annoyance. I really recommend not using the download manager. I also recommend just using the offline installer. It may be the bigger file but it's not that big and if you set it aside you can quickly get a newly installed system up and running quickly without needing to go online to grab the installer.
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    No, Update 15 is not the latest release. Apparently that webpage lags in listing the newest release. In fact, Java 1.6.0 Update 16 has been out since the 11th of August.

    I recommend using this link: http://java.sun.com/javase/downloads/index.jsp. This link is mentioned earlier in the thread and I mentioned it in another thread concerning Java when a forum member was having trouble locating Update 15 on Sun's site when it was released. This link is far more accurate and updated regularly.
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    Got it.


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    it's not forcing you, but suggesting an update. you can either uncheck allow internet access or answer 'no' when prompted and never get asked again.

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    Got it. Sorry, I thought it was mandatory. Found the Java, anyway :)

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    I just ran into an interesting problem. I had both 32-bit and 64-bit Java on my machine, because I used the normal installer before and the installer linked above the 2nd time.

    If you have both on your machine, ClownBD will report the version of the 32-bit one, which was out of date for me. Updating the 64-bit version didn't fix it.

    I subsequently removed the 32-bit version and now ClownBd stopped complaining.
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    Just answer 'no' and it won't bother you again.
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    what is the latest Java version?
    i've was prompted a message from ClownBD to update to Java 6 update 23, or BD2Sup won't work
    but when i followed the links, the latest i've found is update 22.
    any advice?
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    Already asked and answered a few threads back...

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    I did try ALL the links in this threads and still got the update 22 as the latest version,
    so i presume 22 is the latest one, though ClownBD prompted the message that i should get 23.
    Now mysterously the message disappeared now that i opened ClownBD again after I updated to ver 0.79...
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    There is an Update 23 BETA, I'm not sure if that's what it was referring to, but I downloaded and installed the beta just for fun anyways after ClownBD said something about it. If you do end up updating, I would suggest uninstalling all old versions of Java in Control Panel as well and run that Javara tool which will clean out any other traces of older Java on your comp, then install the new version.
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    Sorry, wrong link


    Java got taken over by Oracle, so I guess the updates on the Sun page are no longer correct.
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    @Clown_BD_v0.81 developer

    I can't run Clown BD, most recent Java version is installed, I'm rather sure your Java detection is broke, also many StaxRip users reported my Java detection is broke, since the last fix I've not heard about any problems so try this:

        Public Overrides Function GetPath() As String
            Dim ret = MyBase.GetPath()
            If ret <> "" Then Return ret
            ret = "C:\ProgramData\Oracle\Java\javapath\" + Filename
            If File.Exists(ret) Then Return ret
            ret = "C:\Windows\Sysnative\" + Filename
            If File.Exists(ret) Then Return ret
            ret = "C:\Windows\System32\" + Filename
            If File.Exists(ret) Then Return ret
        End Function