Upgrade CPU or New PC Build

Discussion in 'General Hardware Issues' started by merx2006@yahoo.com, Feb 22, 2012.

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    I want to cut cost but maybe to the point of not cutting performance. First I thought a i7-3930K build would be perfect for copying blu-ray movies. I wonder if I would cut copying performance by upgrading a SOCKET 1366 i7-950 to a i7-900x rather than a i7-3930k new PC build. microcenter.com has i7-990x @ $741.00 shipped. The i7-3930 is $600 shipped. A X79 mobo and a Corsair H100 CPU Cooler would bring sub-total total to around $1000.00. ( memory, GPU, PSU and a Corsair 500r = $1500 - $1600. )


    PRICE/EST. $1600./ improved super performance = happy

    i7-990/ $741. /very close (?) performance =

    Will the i7-990x perform as well as a i7-3930K with trans-coding 1080P tasks?
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    More often than not building from scratch a new PC is more cost effective, and produces a more robust and faster machine than trying to upgrade. Upgrading doesn't allow for newer, better components. Another potential problem with piecemeal upgrades is you end up having to upgrade nearly as many components as you would purchase for a new box.

    Besides, I like the experience of custom building a PC from the ground up. The smell of burning dust in the power supply when you turn on the box for the first time is something glorious. 8)
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    First Choice---Build from scratch, (if you have the time) this way you can put in the motherboard you want, CPU you want, memory you want, and somewhat the operating system you want.

    Second Choice----Purchase a bare bone high performance computer and add the goodies you want. Micro centers stores here in Region 1 or A usually have the best selection and price. I would stay away from Dell XPS they have really turned into junk and cheaply built. Alienware is good but pricey.