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    In Steam you can add non-steam-games to the games-list and having Steam-overlay, Steam-Friends, chat, community and stuff. Although you can see wich games your friends actualling are playing.

    But is is a problem to add a GameJackal profile as a non-Steam-game, because you only can add .exe files and no links and with the gamejackal.exe + parameters it doesn't work properly.
    Example: D:\GameJackal\GameJackal_cl.exe "39998.5010615972|The Settlers II"

    But there is a workaround to do.

    1. Adding original game .exe to the list to get the right icon.

    2. Create a desktop link from GameJackal profile.

    3. Right klick game in Steam-games-list choosing properties.

    4. Exchange content in text input with the .exe with the exact address of desktop link.


    "C:\Users\Name\Desktop\Games\The Settlers II (GJ).lnk"

    Start In

    Important: Use quotes and .lnk extension (lnk stands for Link)

    5. Now you can start the game as GameJackal-profile without using DVD and with the advance of Steam.

    I think it's worth the work. :agree:
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    Great tip... thanks :clap: