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    I thought I would just update this forum here, since some people still use the beta and post issues with that version.

    Virtual CloneDrive 2009 12 14
    - New: Added version info to tray icon
    - New: Added option, where VCD can be instructed to unmount an image file
    when the virtual tray is opened (e.g., eject from Windows explorer).
    - Change: Default file associations
    - Fix: Optical drives could disappear after uninstall
    - Updated languages
    - Some minor changes and improvements


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    Blue Screen on Windows 7 Ultimate after driver install

    I have a Laptop AIRIS Praxis N1101 with Windows 7 Ultiimate in spanish, I tried to install Virtual CloneDrive, but when the instalation installed the driver for the Virtual Drive I've got a BLUE SCREEN!!!! :eek: And then it kept rebooting trying to boot (in all different methods (Safe mode, last good know good configuration, etc... but with no results ).

    After some tests :aiee:.... finally I tried to boot pressing F8, and then choosing the first option... I don't know what it say in English but it's something like "FIX AUTOMATICALLY".... then I get a screen where I choosed Command prompt... there I renamed C:\windows\system32\drivers\vclone.sys as vclone.old.... so this way I clould start Windows normally and then uninstall Virtual CloneDrive

    It is weird, because I have installed the same version of Virtual CloneDrive on my Desktop with the same OS....:confused:

    So I hope there is a new release soon.....:(
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    Please post debugging log and dump/crash information that windows created.

    For reference you could post a AnyDVD logfile with your system informations and your other drivers loaded, that might cause conflicts.

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    I have been using Virtual CloneDrive since Version and today is the First Time I got a Blue Screen . Vist 32 sp2.
    Working Now.. Maybe the problem was my Kids Playing around With Game Jackal pro that i installed this morning ..?
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    Virtual Clone Drive works and behaves just like a physical CD/DVD drive, however it exists only virtually. Image files generated with CloneDVD or CloneCD can be mounted onto a virtual drive from your hard-disk or from a network drive and used in the same manner as inserting them into a normal CD/DVD drive.
    Virtual Clone Drive Release
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    Still have Error: Can't Open VCD

    I have installed the latest version on 64 bit Win7Pro, and I am getting the std problematic error "can't open VCD!" I have restarted, uninstalled and reinstalled a couple times, but to no avail. What is really weird is that I installed on another computer of mine, running 64 bit Win7Ult, and it worked first time.

    Any ideas what is conflicting with the program? I would really love to see this work.
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    I loose win 7 "BURN DISK IMAGE"

    if I install "virtual clone driver", I loose win 7 "BURN DISK IMAGE" .

    any way to solve that pls

    juan abba
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    You just right click on the image and chose 'open with' and the 'Windows disc image burner' option is in there
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    perfect answer

    thanks a lot

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    I updated my PowerDVD 9 to the latest patch and none of my images would work any more with VCD. Got the "There is a disk with an unsupported format in Drive #" message. I reverted back to an older version of PowereDVD 9 and everything is fine again.
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    Running Windows XP? I believe this is a bug in PowerDVD. Tell them.
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    Just discovered, a message must have minimum of 10 characters, what about the environment?
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    Please try this version: