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Discussion in 'Virtual CloneDrive' started by Micknash, Sep 4, 2009.

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    Well basically, I get the error message "This installation disc isn't compatible with your version of Windows. To upgrade, you need the correct installation disc. For more information, check your computer's system information. To install a new copy of Windows, restart (boot) your computer using the installation disc, and then select Custon (advanced).", Ive done a few searches on the internet and from what I can gather you cant upgrade from Xp to Windows 7 so you must install from cd boot when your pc starts up..

    Thing is, I cant put it to disc as for some reason it wont go on my DVD-R 4.7 Gigabyte discs.. meh, but anyways. Can you run a virtual cloned drive from start - up? Or something of that sort, cause I really need to get this installed.

    Thanks, Ill appreciate a quick reply or help in general.

  2. PrincipalityFusion

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    The short answer is no, you CANNOT use VCD to do a fresh install. If your burner refuses to burn the Windows 7 image to disk, then something is wrong with your burner or you have a bad blank disk.
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    Ok then =/ And yeah nero doesn't recognise my burner either, I dont know whats up with it.. Any tips?
    I guess I could need new drivers, but hardly used it..
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  4. James

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    Try CloneCD to burn the image.