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Discussion in 'Third Party Products' started by sparkym5, Dec 14, 2010.

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    I've tested it on the Inception blu ray dvd, and it's ok.

    I've had a few missing audio problems on a episodic tv blu ray I own (Star Trek TOS, Season 2), but otherwise it works fine.

    I'm still awaiting Slysoft's CloneBD and their answer to the Cinavia issue.

    When they release their product(s), I'll probably switch over to their stuff.
  3. sparkym5

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    Thanks for the feedback whatever_gong82, I'll now have a play with it when I have little more time. ;)
  4. whatever_gong82

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    You're welcome.

    They do make quality products though, and like you, I have a Gold Member license.

  5. Hellhero

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    I've tested the program on a couple of BDs, and it works excellent.
    So far no problems occured.
    It's pretty fast, and it even can keep the original chapter marks.
  6. mike_r

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    Clown_BD can do this too, it's free. It also converts multiple subtitles, chapters & multiple audio tracks which I think the payware from VSO can't do (or at least couldn't do when I last looked at it)
  7. whatever_gong82

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    I've downloaded Clown BD, but haven't used it yet (I've used BD Rebuilder and the aforementioned VSO product), so I'm going have to try out your creation soon.


    EDIT: how long do you think it'll take to convert a movie like Inception??

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  8. fast eddie

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    From my viewpoint the best way to go for non-compression back-up on blank Blu-ray disks (BD-R).

    AnyDVD HD

    Another reason Clown_BD is the best, is you can load the entire source disk, or a BDMV folder, or a M2TS file, or MPLS file and back-up the way you like. The best software program for fixing all types of audio problems.
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  9. mike_r

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    For me about 33fps so 1.5x realtime.
  10. mike_r

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    But the OP wants to back upto DVD. It seems that VSO have brought out a new product which converts only Blu-Ray to DVD. The GUI seems slick, and you appear to be able to create an audio/subtitle menu. I might just try it myself to see how it compares with my solution. Even at 32 euros ('introductory' price of 40 euros (normally 50 euros) less 20% christmas discount) it seems expensive to me for a lifetime licence with 12 months of updates.
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  11. sparkym5

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    Well eventually got round to using this programme on Rambo and Avatar, only gripe I had was with the subtitles, Rambo was fine all forced subs played back as they should, Avatar would not play back forced subs at all and had to be activated via the Primary or Secondary subtitle options that were created by the programme, and in Avatar they played back at times as though it was for hard of hearing format as per screenshots provided in the attached Rar File, that was the only way to get English subs for the non english dialogue.

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  12. PrincipalityFusion

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    A lifetime license is really useless if you only get 12 month of updates with it. Sure, you can use the program for ever, but any Blurays that come out after your 12 month period basically make your program an electronic paperweight. And as we can see from the Slysoft updates when it comes to Bluray support, the updates play a major part in continuing to be able to use the prog on new disks. They might as well just say it's a 12 month subscription license.

    I do agree though that it looks pretty slick.
  13. mike_r

    mike_r Moderator (de)

    You have to remember that if Avatar does not have 'forced' set in the PGS stream (which it clearly does not : like Mummy 1, District 9) then you're out of luck. There are so many other ways that subtitles can be forced (eg BD-J) that it's very unlikely that you'll get a generic solution.
  14. sparkym5

    sparkym5 Well-Known Member

    Unless you buy a Gold Membership, giving you access to all VSO products, current and future products, for no additional payments and get free updates for life! When I purchased my Gold Membership I found a voucher code which meant I only paid £41.99, great value :) but eventually CloneBD may be the same scenario with the introduction of paying for updates every 12 months, we'll have to wait and see.
    VSO also have another new programme currently just a beta version of Blu-Ray Converter Ultimate.

    Thanks for explaining about the Avatar subtitles mike_r makes more sense to me now.
  15. PrincipalityFusion

    PrincipalityFusion Well-Known Member

    Another reason why I think at this stage using a couple free tools is better than an all-in-one paid solution that may not do everything you need. Case in point, BDSupToSub is able to extract the forced sub out of Avatar so you can create a forced sub only subtitle file then use something like mkvmerge to set the subtitle file to always on.

    If you need to keep everything in the Bluray structure to ISO, then just dump the mkv file into MultiAVCHD and create a Bluray folder structure. Feed that into ImageBurn for the ISO. You'll end up with an ISO with only forced subtitles that are always on.

    Just my 2
  16. mike_r

    mike_r Moderator (de)

    This is exactly how Clown_BD does it. It creates a file with only the FORCED subtitles, these are then muxed into the resulting DVD and are shown with the attributes of FORCED. They however aren't actually forced, for several reasons:

    1. I don't really know how to do this ;)
    2. Without a menu, it doesn't make much sense. Mostly my DVDs are bilingual with DE and EN. You'd need to go over a menu to force DE when DE audio is on and EN when EN. etc.

    But I think the OP is refering here to Avatar CE, which I understand (I don't have the disk) does not have forced PGS subs by having the forced attribute set.

    For giggles I bought the 'Gold Membership' to have a look. I tried a Blu-Ray -> Generic 720p and it crashed after creating 13 mins of AVI. I tried 2x Blu-Ray to DVD and it crashed both times when apparently creating the menu.

    I've not had time to see how it copes with seamless branching titles, but I suspect the gaps and overlaps might not be dealt with as well as eac3to.

    In the end I created my 720p with medicoder and DVDs with Clown_BD. With mediacoder I had to calculate the bitrate myself and jiggle abit, but it did work.
  17. mike_r

    mike_r Moderator (de)

    After evaluating both Convert Blu-Ray to DVD (a) and Convert Blu-Ray Ultimate Beta (b) I can confirm the following:

    . (b) crashed ( & Get him to the greek) 90% through with no other details other than it's crashed
    . (b) Extract & Hot tub time machine worked well with both IPAD and PS3 720p conversions
    . (a) crashed creating DVD menus in
    . (b) Does not parse chapter information correctly. Wild target had 7 out of the 13 chapters. also had chapters missing.
    . (b) if you've previously had a preference with subtitles then you cannot remove this when coding to something else other than DVD.
    . (a) & (b) are not much faster than demuxing/remuxing (ie Clown_BD)
    . (a) & (b) will not recognise tsMuxeR blu-ray structures

    Conclusion, needs attention but has potential.
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