What is best way to make ISO - AnyDVD HD or Imgburn

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    Well, I've been reading a lot of these posts regarding how to backup a BD. I've just purchased AnyDVD HD and have an LG external BD recorder. Now to backup, I read the guide using Imgburn to copy an ISO to you HDD then Imgburn to copy that ISO to you BD-R DL. With the new feature in AnyDVD HD to rip an ISO using it, would I be better off doing using AnyDVD HD to do the ripping?

    I didn't know if it would handle the layer breaks any differently oy better.

    Also, maybe a noob question, but when I put a BD in my player, AnyDVD HD asks me for region code of the disc. I think the options are none, region A, region B and region C. I've been picking none. Is it asking me what I want the region code to be or what the original disc actually is? I just don't want to rip a bunch of ISO's just to find out I should have been selecting a region code, and not none.


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    Neither one is better than the other. It's possible ImgBurn may be quicker but I'm not completely sure on that one.

    If you use ImgBurn and also use Virtual CloneDrive then you'll need to make .DVD files by hand. Making the .DVD files isn't hard since they're essentially text files but it's something that creating an ISO with AnyDVD HD does automatically for you.

    In this respect the ISO creation from AnyDVD HD should be like CloneCD and not touch the layer break as far as I am aware.

    It's asking what region the disc actually is. For the vast majority of discs you can simply go into the settings and set the Remove Blu-Ray Region Code to Automatic and it works. Some discs it doesn't. Region coding is far more complex with BDs than with SD DVDs.
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    Thanks for the info. I ripped The Forbidden Kingdom on BD to an ISO using the latest AnyDVD HD. I do have the setting set to automatically remove the region code, but it still asked me. I selected none (even though now I suspect I should have selected Region A (US)) and ripped it. It seems to have ripped fine and it plays fine using VCD. Will it be fine when I burn the ISO to a BD-R, or should I re-rip using Region A.


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    I don't have a BD burner so I don't have experience in that department but if the Region is not correctly handled then I would expect there to be a problem if the disc is burned without resolving it.

    A quick way to check to see if setting to Region A works is to change the setting in AnyDVD HD to prompt you you when a disc is inserted. Put the BD in your drive and when prompted set it manually to Region A. Does it work?

    Another way to check is to mount your ISO with AnyDVD HD disabled. Does your software player (ie PowerDVD) have an issue playing?
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    Great advice. I'm not in front of my ISO now, but will give this method a try when I am. Probably the best way as it's checking the actual ISO to see if it's both region free and that it has no protection.

    Many thanks for your quick and informative replies.

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    Just to update this thread.

    I was able to successfully burn a BD-R DL using AnyDVD HD and Imgburn. It was my first attempt and it worked great. I now have a backup of my movie with no issues with the layer break or anything else. I watched the movie all the way through with no issues.

    I selected region free when I loaded the BD before ripping. I don't know if it worked because the disc was actually region free or what, but it worked that way.

    I did test the ISO by turning AnyDVD off and then mounting and playing it. After it played fine, I went ahead and burnt it, hoping I wouldn't end up with an expensive coaster. 40 minutes later, success!!!

    Awesome. I'm not even sure if I would want to do any encoding to reduce size as I the whole point of BD is image and sound quality. Hopefully BD-R DL's will come down in cost soon and re-encoding, I don't think, will even be an issue other than maybe to remove menu's and/or just skipping right to the movie.

    Many thanks to the people at Slysoft for a wonderful product at a reasonable price, considering its lifetime updates. I hope I did read that part right that my license comes with lifetime updates....