Which Blu-ray/HD DVD software to install?

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray)' started by nrmsmith, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. nrmsmith

    nrmsmith Well-Known Member

    Hi there

    Hidef newbie here. Just bought an LG GGW-H20L bluray writer and HD-DVD playbackcombo drive.

    I have upgraded my AnyDVD to the HD version (since I do not have HDCP compliant graphics cardor monitor).

    I have Nero v7 Ultra version.

    The LG drive came with Cyberlink Hi-Def suite which has PowerDVD as part of the suite (but no updates since it was launched in June 2007).

    I shall probably want to playback Blu-ray & HD-DVD discs as well as backup rips from my HDD.

    Should I:

    Upgrade to Nero 8 suite and pay for the bluray/HD plug-in?
    Or buy Powerlink DVD Ultra (for the regular updates)?

    Are there any other options available? All suggestions & advice welcome....

  2. roog

    roog Well-Known Member

    Nero 8 or PowerDVD Ultra

    You can get PowerDVD Ultra from newegg.com for $71.99.

    Nero 8 on sale at nero.com for $49.99. I believe Nero 8 includes the Blu-ray/HD DVD plugin.

    At these prices I would buy both.

    Correction: Nero 8 is $79.99 for the full version and $49.99 for the upgrade from Nero 7 and yes it does include the Blu-ray/HD DVD capability. The Nero 8 boxed version is $74.99 at newegg.com.
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  3. bigdog1002

    bigdog1002 Member

    I think if you get Nero 8 you still need to buy the plug-in for $19.99
  4. damnskippy

    damnskippy Well-Known Member

    Yep you still have to buy the plugin with Nero 8 to be able to play HD-DVD or BD. I do not have the plugin so I can not comment on which is better. I personally use PDVD and have not seen any reason to get the plugin for Nero as I have not had any problems. You may run into issues since you do not have a HDCP compliant system though. The newer title gave me some issues on my system that is not HDCP compliant even though I was using AnyDVD HD. The same disks would play fine on my system that is HDCP compliant without AnyDVD HD running. I think it has to do with BD+. Not sure if Nero with the plugin would have helped. I just needed a copliant video card on that system so I got a 8600 gts.
  5. roog

    roog Well-Known Member

    I stand corrected, I already had the Blu-ray/HD DVD plug-in installed so I didn't think you needed it. It adds $29.99 to the cost.
  6. nrmsmith

    nrmsmith Well-Known Member

    Thanks, unfortunately being in the UK we get charged rip-off prices so they are a bit more priced over here. Also, I always prefer to have only one software suite installed to avoid the possibility of software conflicts, so I will have to chose one route or the other.

    Eventually I will go the HDCP route and upgrade my graphics card and monitor, but I'm not ready to do this yet.

    Guess I will install the bundled software to at least see what it is like, but it looks from the lack of updates that Cyberlink are hoping its LG combo drive owners will pay to upgrade to their regular software range instead.

  7. roog

    roog Well-Known Member

    Recommend you go with PowerDVD Ultra if you only buy one, however, I've never experienced any conflicts and I use both.

    The PowerDVD Ultra software at newegg.com item is a download item so you might be able to buy it using paypal if that is available to you. Exchange rates being what they are it would probably be 100 to 105 EURO.
  8. jrb2608

    jrb2608 New Member

    Just to confirm, you can add the Blu Ray & HDVD plug ins to Nero 7, so that may be a cheaper option if you already have Nero 7.

    I have Nero 7 with HDDVD, and its a bit clunky, but it works.

  9. nrmsmith

    nrmsmith Well-Known Member

    Status update.

    Well Nero only give a 20% discount for upgrading to Nero 8 (USA gets 35%); so on principle I'm staying away from this for now.

    I installed the Cyberlink Hi-Def suite bundle (well the PDVD Ultra part anyway). It installed version 7.03.3104 off the disc, and then immediately found a newer update online and upgraded itself to v7.03.3516. I see from the Cyberlink site that this STILL isn't the latest update (3730); however version 3730 says it's for the retail version only so I guess I'm out of luck with that.

    Joined Amazon DVD rental and bunged some Blu-ray & HD-DVD discs on my rental list, seemed like the best way to cheaply experience the Hi-Def experience and give PDVD a whirl.

    Thanks to all for recommendations...I might have a play with Power2Go & PowerProducer which also came with the Hi-Def suite.

  10. nrmsmith

    nrmsmith Well-Known Member

    Have you tested with Blu-ray?
    I have just bought the Blu-ray/HD-DVD plugin for Nero 7 and I can't playback a blu-ray film (either as the media disc or as a ripped ISO) in SHowtime: all it says is "functionality not available: blu-ray video"

    Great! Looks like I shall have to buy the NEro 8 u/g as well!

  11. jrb2608

    jrb2608 New Member

    No, I don't have BluRay, only HDDVD, so can't confirm that it definitely works with BluRay

    Just a thought - did you update to the latest version of Nero 7 before installing the plug-ins? I'm not sure the earlier versions support HD.

    Also, did you get (and install) two keys? I got two keys for the plug-in, and think you need both, even if you don't use both formats.

  12. Rathbone80

    Rathbone80 Well-Known Member

    No Bluray for Nero 7. You need Nero 8.
  13. nrmsmith

    nrmsmith Well-Known Member

    Hi Yes

    I just read the plugin small print again, and definitely no blu-ray playback unless I upgrade to v8. I have downloaded Nero 8 trial and the blu-ray disc plays back OK. Nero Showtime doesn't playback the ISO-rip version though, so I presume like with Cyberlink this has to be mounted in a virtual drive?