Why CloneCD is Abandonware?

Discussion in 'CloneCD' started by F.Alcântara, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. F.Alcântara

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    I have 2 friends with compatibility problems in Pioneer and Sony drives, Why CloneCD was stopped in 2009?

    New drives are released and your old software is not recognizing all.
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  2. Adbear

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    What kind of compatibility problems? Without stating what the actual issues are no one can help. As they have the software maybe they should post up their system specs and what the actual issues are. I've been testing it with newer drives including Blu-ray drives and it seems to work fine
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  3. SlyFox 1

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    When something works perfectly, why change it? If they have problems with their Opticals it certainly does not have anything to do with CloneCd.But then again I wouldn't really know because you never mentioned what the problems are? All I have is new drives, and CloneCD works on every one. Why dont you give me some models numbers and I probably can get them if I do not have them already.
  4. Clams

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    I agree!

    Which leads to the follow up question as to why this relatively "static" and perfected product, uses the same license price model as the often updated AnyDVD?

    I should think CloneCD should have one price - and if a bug actually ever appears, then you fix it at no extra charge.

    -W (just an observation)
  5. Recycle

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    I used CloneCD since it came out and have the latest now and used in varies drives and haven't found a dvd that it couldn't work with unless the DVD media itself was a bad press or had physical damages to it. Being short on techincal details or log files doesn't help the rest know what problem your having as well...
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