Why use the "UDF 2.5" Imgburn option when making an ISO?

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    So I have been digging around a little bit, but I cannot find the answer to a question that has been bugging me. In this guide:


    the direction is:
    In my searching I have learned that Bluray's use UDF 2.5 and one needs to install additional drivers for Windows XP to read a Bluray disk. What I would like to know is what happens if an ISO is made and UDF 2.5 is not selected? And do I need to select the UDF 2.5 option *only* if I am ripping a Bluray disk? If so, what should the UDF option be set to for regular DVD's and HD-DVD's?

    I ask about the regular DVD settings because I have an HDX 1000 media tank. So far I have ripped all of my kids DVD's to make ISO's out of without making any adjustments to the UDF setting in Imgburn and they play great on the media tank.

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    If you don't select UDF2.5 and burn your ISO onto a disc, and insert this disk into a standalone player - then it will not work.

    If you are ripping, then the UDF option doesn't play a role.

    HD-DVDs are UDF2.6