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    New forum member here. I am trying to backup Willy Wonka (1971 version), and Clone DVD stops at 26% in. I cleaned the disc, it has no significant scratches, and it plays flawlessly in the DVD player. It's not BluRay, just standard DVD.

    Hope someone can help, Thanks!

    The log file is as follows:

    I 20:12:49 Processing started
    D CloneDVDVersion:
    D Layer break removed at 1 locations
    I 20:12:49 Successfully removed layer break
    D TCEngineConfig:
    D inputPath: D:/VIDEO_TS
    D outputPath: E:/CloneDVDTemp/VIDEO_TS
    D replacementVOBsPath: C:\Program Files\Elaborate Bytes\CloneDVD2\eraser
    D CloneConfig:
    D targetVOBBlocks: 2288777
    D remux: 0
    D noStreams: 0
    D RemasteringConfig:
    D TitleConfig:
    D title: 1
    D angle: 1
    D streams.audio: 00000001
    D streams.subpicture: 00000000000000000000000000000000
    D firstPlay: 0
    D menus: 0
    D supportStreamAutoSelection: 1
    D filterUnreferredCells: 1
    D tcArgs:
    D samples: 5
    D stats: 0
    D scanOnly: 0
    D pictureExtraction: 1
    D DVDCompilerConfig:
    D ecc: 0
    TCD TC version: r072t[i016]
    TCT0 pdh f8e17f93 b00117d0 4fd2b974 739ce2a6 b506ae68 e4076a58
    TCT0 pdv 2017e236 ccd77c84 d187fefa 1ae91742
    TCT0 pda e7a682a2 fb01b22d 34e95fb2 417d4641
    TCT0 pdv 491cf4e7 232eb998 7e37f94a 46bbf6db
    TCT0 pda 50c32909 a96530a6 f817bf35 1c36383c
    TCT0 ad 169.00 0.0000 0.9226
    TCT0 ji 60880a43 d8f29c0f 76bbe85f fafdcf15 454fc70a 4912a1da 2ba23b68 873e5b62 ec6e50ab 86323529
    TCT0 ji 1b1205c0 77136b77 22d3ac43 29c802f8 cfc59155 279278f5 113431da ef93fc1e ce580891 cbf617ed
    TCT0 ji 438d985a d0755e2f a9a7f724 2a79e8a7 d40234d3 4cdbd52f 7f225829 0cbc07e5 83ada3e0 5979acd1
    TCT0 ji 3171221c 9a8b20d0 1ef4d5a8 4313ecba 2364923f 2ba0aec6 0544426d bef0fe09 6b517ce8 8f3cd3c3
    TCT0 ji b09188b2 4fcdcd09 03a68e13 7744e970 e631b336 bf617e19 343d610f 4b6d4b6b a5f7e773 5f622c62
    TCT0 ji e613cc16 e08c2013 071ed8f6 de08b26b 1bfc881d a35ba83c 2375d86a 023f8a51 29a805ef 5a65ab04
    TCT0 ji 14c8c6d9 7bc64449 76b90303 b8109e7c af9b968b af4bd753 d1d73515 137cb6b3 5b1b185e 4a2a9953
    TCT0 ji acf93ee0 7bc90b87 b2d61701 ff901849 fce75e7f 93ae3a55 4082d271 2ee87900 e00ea8aa 99ea4b22
    TCT0 ji 2e9e9991 88689e39 57eb52ca 32d69f75 60e642e6 a8a7b5dc 146d11d5 362d8ff4 a02e5675 f6cff020
    TCT0 ji fabbe409 0761705b 8387aa11 987eed2b 36972e2b d185a77f 005703c7 c61d4b76 f536c9ec 6d69a5df
    TCT0 ji 96f0f590 fb94eed4 9b3dab7d 167b8b51 1e7e0c2f af46d386 8a87eb97 0fd920a9 65c13441 be7d8d51
    TCT0 ji 506bf4bc a6097153 01ddafa9 f3177cc7 05db878d 23c055b5 fd7c2a49 ad75f45b e395a443 b29f1429
    TCT0 ji bd1c007d 7ba64469 de634dec 57278345 34363e3e 0d332f61 04676470 f004ab2a d76e487a 3defb357
    TCT0 ji dd6858f1 ee07de0a 6f8482a0 af8089ec 4098e613 f9012a77 15d2d10a 1e04d2e7 a585a7fc 91d492bc
    TCT0 ji 623c3ba5 fb5c1062 8fa5bfcc b0ca32d2 2b6be4cf a1e41c49 33f1f08f 24d9a272 292e9cf4 90a1fd3c
    TCT0 ai 5dac3318 942c615d fda8dd6d 51d4ed84 e60b0561 25158bf5 abd82398 ace565c1 782a5784 fefb1be1
    E 20:14:57 Processing stopped: D:/VIDEO_TS/VTS_01_1.VOB: read error
    D Error details: File 1 D:/VIDEO_TS/VTS_01_1.VOB 30 TCSectorReader
  2. Hawk

    Hawk Well-Known Member

    Last two lines indicate bad disc, you should exchange it.

    E 20:14:57 Processing stopped: D:/VIDEO_TS/VTS_01_1.VOB: read error
    D Error details: File 1 D:/VIDEO_TS/VTS_01_1.VOB 30 TCSectorReader
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